Back to the Futurama

Fun on a Bun

It's July! And that means it's time for our nations favorite holiday, waiting for three months and then going to Germany for a respectful Oktoberfest!

Bender gets involved in a sausage competition! Fry gets involved in Neanderthal society! Ben gets involved in saying "penis" an awful lot. We were talking about sausages, it was bound to happen.

Ben gives a German lesson. Mike is a dedicated member of the Ska scene.

The Six Million Dollar Mon

Let's face it, we would all love to get some cool robotic upgrades, whether it be a chest harpoon or an extendo-arm or even a Cylon-dong. But if you actually had the back-alley surgeon to do it, would you? Hermes does and he has to deal with the consequences.

We, meanwhile, go on quite a thing about how everybody is trying to be Game of Thrones, including Futurama. And that of course goes into a whole thing about Sean Bean. Why wouldn't it?

Ben does the mash. Mike notes it was a graveyard smash.

The Butterjunk Effect

If a murderfly flaps its wings on the Moon, does a hurricane hit the Earth? No, it really just pummels Amy and Leela a lot. This sentence I just typed makes perfect sense. Also there are drugs involved. Don't do drugs. Or do. We're not your parents.

Ben also gloats a lot about being Ben. Did you know he's Ben and he has done a lot of stuff in his life? He will tell you about it. He also has a not at all crazy theory about Al Gore time traveling.

Ben writes a book. Mike gets surprised by Y.

Zapp Dingbat

What happens when your mom starts dating your ex? Also, it wasn't your ex, it was just some dude you had sex with a few times? And also, they end up getting engaged? Well, if you can't imagine what you'd do, let's take a look at what Leela does.

Meanwhile, Fry and Bender surf in the sewers with Leela's dad. Cowabunga, dude!

We also talk about what the best sewers to surf in would be, and Detective Pikachu (again) and expectations for the new Sonic movie (or Sanic movie?), and we spend way too much time talking about The Borax Kid. We also come up with a plan that is definitely not a scam.

Ben uses the word "scam." Mike makes a statement to the jury.

The Thief of Baghead

Bender gets a new job getting pictures of Spider-Man... I mean, celebrities. And it brings him on an ultimate quest to get the un-photographable photograph and kills a few friends in the process.

Meanwhile at Back to the Futurama studios, we're talking about the World Acting Competition. We get sued by Meat Loaf... maybe again? It's possible we've done that bit once before.

Ben makes a vampire callback. Mike demands pictures of Spider-Man.

Decision 3012

Election season already? But the problem is all the candidates are the same collection of sound bites. But what if... what if there was a great candidate who was definitely probably born on Earth and also maybe from the future? Would you vote for him or would you vote for Nixon?

Meanwhile, we talk about space vampires and sexy ghosts. And if that doesn't get you to listen then I don't know how to sell you this podcast any better.

Ben waits 5 and a half minutes for a hot dog. Mike drags Andrew Jackson.

A Farewell to Arms

The discovery of a Mayan... er... Martian calendar that predicts the end of the world in 3012 prompts panic and mass evacuations. How will the PlanEx crew ever cope?

Meanwhile, Ben has some feelings about the whole "the world will end in 2012 thing" and we also try to figure out if Grey Poupon has an internet presence in 2019.

Ben's birthday party gets canceled. Mike gets a new soundbite.

The Bots and the Bees

We're back for the final season of Futurama! We start off by answering the question we've always had, if we're going to be honest: where do robot babies come from? We were just too embarrassed to ask. Bender probably was too, because he didn't know and now he's got a kid.

WARNING: This episode is very heavy on Bens. But why are we warning you? Bens are great.

Meanwhile we try to get in on some of that Detective Pikachu money (badly) and we also figure out a great way to fill in all those Game of Thrones plot holes. (Hint: it involves outdated home video technology).

Ben gets Ben representation. Mike asks his wife out on a date.

Q&A With Ben and Mike

We're doing a Q&A as our final season break episode! You had questions, and we answered them!

As promised, you can find Machinimasound at for all your musical needs. They did the intro. We payed them for it so we don't have to thank them for it, but tonight we're gonna thank them for it.

Ben is Frank Nastyman. Mike peers into the future to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 3.


Futurama is a product of the early 2000s in America, but what if it were actually a 40s cartoon? Or a video game? Or from Japan? We find out in this rather bizarre setup in which those things happen.

Meanwhile, we talk a lot about video games. It was bound to happen considering how much video game stuff was in here. Also, Ben is in chill-mode so we talk about like... daiquiris or somesuch.

Ben cranks up the chill knob. Mike goes to the multiverse.

Ben & Mike