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A Farewell to Arms

The discovery of a Mayan... er... Martian calendar that predicts the end of the world in 3012 prompts panic and mass evacuations. How will the PlanEx crew ever cope?

Meanwhile, Ben has some feelings about the whole "the world will end in 2012 thing" and we also try to figure out if Grey Poupon has an internet presence in 2019.

Ben's birthday party gets canceled. Mike gets a new soundbite.

The Bots and the Bees

We're back for the final season of Futurama! We start off by answering the question we've always had, if we're going to be honest: where do robot babies come from? We were just too embarrassed to ask. Bender probably was too, because he didn't know and now he's got a kid.

WARNING: This episode is very heavy on Bens. But why are we warning you? Bens are great.

Meanwhile we try to get in on some of that Detective Pikachu money (badly) and we also figure out a great way to fill in all those Game of Thrones plot holes. (Hint: it involves outdated home video technology).

Ben gets Ben representation. Mike asks his wife out on a date.

Q&A With Ben and Mike

We're doing a Q&A as our final season break episode! You had questions, and we answered them!

As promised, you can find Machinimasound at for all your musical needs. They did the intro. We payed them for it so we don't have to thank them for it, but tonight we're gonna thank them for it.

Ben is Frank Nastyman. Mike peers into the future to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 3.


Futurama is a product of the early 2000s in America, but what if it were actually a 40s cartoon? Or a video game? Or from Japan? We find out in this rather bizarre setup in which those things happen.

Meanwhile, we talk a lot about video games. It was bound to happen considering how much video game stuff was in here. Also, Ben is in chill-mode so we talk about like... daiquiris or somesuch.

Ben cranks up the chill knob. Mike goes to the multiverse.


We would all love to be smarter and faster, but what if we could do that thing I just said because we were all robots? That's exactly what Bender does in this tech tale. Fry and Leela have some serious talks about their relationship that involves space busses.

Meanwhile, we also talk about computers a lot. It turns out we're HUGE NERDS. Who knew? Plus, you get the best story about an End User License Agreement you've ever heard.

Ben becomes an authority on something. Mike considers Futurama tattoos.

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Cold Warriors

We regret to inform you that our noses are gunked up with blork... is what we'd be saying if we had the common cold. In our day, it's so common that it's... well, called "the common cold," but in the year 3012? Not so much!

Meanwhile, we make more King of the Hill references (mostly Ben does this) and we get a little bit real about some father-son bonding.

Ben wants to tell you what. Mike remembers a terrifying nightmare tunnel.

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All the Presidents' Heads

When you go back in time to beat up your ancestor, you have to do it carefully unless you want to end up using the metric system! [spooky music plays]. That's just what Professor Farnsworth does in order to save his family name.

Other talking points are... shark jumping and also a lot of time travel philosophy. You might also accidentally learn something about history in this episode! It's edutainment!

Ben becomes a philosophy professor. Mike becomes Dilbert.

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Fry Am The Egg Man

Fry sits on an egg and falls in love with it. A natural reaction. Then it turns out that it is a vicious monster with an attack of type J! Then hilarity ensues...?

Meanwhile we discuss what our Scooby-Doo schemes would be if we were to do some Scooby-Doo schemes.

Ben tells a tale of sauce packets. Mike falls in love with a chair.

Music at the end of the episode is "Super Sunday" and used with permission. "Super Sunday" is provided by

Yo Leela Leela

We're talking about yet another TV show inside the TV show on this podcast where we talk about TV shows! Leela decides to get in on the great racket of selling drivel to kids, and gets results! Bender also becomes a tugboat and we can't stress that enough.

Meanwhile, we talk about Doug and Legends of the Hidden Temple and possible causes for March Madness AND March Sadness.

Ben gets an archaeology degree. Mike gets a sext grading rubric.

Music at the end of the episode is "Super Sunday" and used with permission. "Super Sunday" is provided by


Guess what? We have nothing nice to say about this one. Hashtag spoilers. We hope you enjoy anyway. And we want you to know that we love you no matter who you are.

Ben gives you icebreaking tips. Mike jumps 70 feet into the air.

Ben & Mike