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Law and Oracle

Mobius Dick

What is obsession? Is it making sure the job gets done? Is it hunting proverbial white whales? Is it hunting actual for real white whales who are also in space and traverse 4 dimensions? Leela finds out on this episode, and that means you do, too!

We also talk about doing things backwards, kinda. We also discuss the best flavor of grief popsicles. And of course, we always knew what a "widow's walk" was! ALWAYS.

Ben becomes a macho man. Mike becomes a sexy forklift.

The Silence of the Clamps

What would you do if you witnessed the worst clamping that ever clamped? Would you hide on a moon or in a pizza place? And what if if was actually your friend who witnessed the clamping? You'd probably be sad. Luckly you made a new friend (who has some clamps) to pass the time.

Also, Ben and Mike discuss Malcom in the Middle and cake and meatballs (not together! ew!) and the Food Network. And I guess this episode.

Ben makes contentious cake choices. Mike possibly married a robot.

Ben Fudged Up

But He Didn't Say "Fudge."

What happens when one cohost watches the right episode and one cohost watches the wrong episode? Tune into this special episode to find out!

We make conjectures as to why networks air episodes out of order. We make sure we know what the definition of "right" is. We talk about other podcasts and of course, we talk about Podcon. This one's kind of a disaster. Remember to always trust your spreadsheets.

Ben fudges up. Mike acts like a hero.

The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

Unfortunately NOT sponsored by Taco Bell

We're talking three different holidays in the Futurama Holiday Spectacular!

Fry wants to revive the true meaning of Xmas to make it feel more like Christmas with a tree that is coniferous.

Bender wants to celebrate the holiest six weeks in the robot calendar with some sexy oil wrestling.

Hermes and family want to impart the wisdom of Kwanzaa but need beeswax for the candles.

Also Al Gore is there a lot. Meanwhile, Ben talks a lot about Taco Bell. A lot.

Ben tries to get free food. Mike talks about A Christmas Story.

The Mutants Are Revolting

Ben's Sewage Limit

Futurama's 100th Episode! Not our episode 100 though. But Bender decides to celebrate that MILESTONE by throwing a party! And Leela gets banished to the sewers when she's outed as a mutant. There's a lot of Titanic references.

Meanwhile, Mike promises to watch Titanic under certain conditions and Ben tries to get a slew of famous guests. We talk about bureaucratic love languages and the logistics of underwater hotdog eating.

Dictated but not read.

Ben gets distracted by an orgy. Mike has a hotdog nightmare.

lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences

Every couple gets into arguments from time to time, but most don't end with conquering Earth. Luckily for viewers of this fine program and unlucky for us, Lrr and Ndnd are not just any couple. They DEFINE "power couple."

Fry also goes on a whole weird side plot about comics. Meanwhile we admit we don't do much research (I know you are shocked) and also tell fun stories about flamable substances and weird sleep actions.

Ben chooses Rrrmrrrmrrrfrrrmrrr. Mike chooses Consequences.

The Prisoner of Benda

Look. This one gets messy. I don't know what to tell you.

Everybody switches minds with everybody! Fry is Zoidberg! Leela is the Professor! The Professor is a daredevil robot called "Nonchalanto!" Romances are tested and hearts are broken and mathematics happen.

We also talk about DVD audio commentaries (for things other than Futurama), invent a TV show that's just 3 shows smashed together, and question the future NBA.

Ben switches bodies with The Rock. Mike siwtches bodies with his dog.

A Clockwork Origin

Let's talk a little bit about differences of opinion between science and creationism. And by that I definitely mean "here's a lot of information about Ask Jeeves.

Oh right, so the Professor flies off to an asteroid and accidentally creates robo-life. Zoidberg attempts to be the best dang father he can be.

Ben gets in legal trouble again. Mike eats a baseball glove.

That Darn Katz!

Doctorate Denied.

Amy is finally defending her thesis to get her doctorate, but gets denied thanks to a cat. Then the cat causes a lot more mayhem. Turns out they have some nefarious schemes, who knew?

Also we talk an awful lot about our own cats including an amusing story about a cat butthole! We know that's what you subscribe for. But we're not just talking about cats; we've also got the latest in Law & Order and Aquaman may or may not be involved.

Ben creates an artistic cat movie. Mike is looking for some witch's bwew.

The Late Philip J. Fry

Fry has more time travel shenanigans when he ends up stuck in the future. Leela assumes he's dead and gets really mad about it. Also Bender is there, so you know it's gonna be fun on a bun.

As is our usual style, Ben gets awfully stuck on a thing not at all related to Futurama. In this case, it's pulling on the pull-em and pushing on the push-em and the pickls go into the jar. Mike tries to stop it but is unsuccessful.

Ben gets fired from the pickle factory. Mike provides hambone context.

Ben & Mike