Back to the Futurama

S7E26 -Meanwhile

This is it. It's the last one. We're talking about the last Futurama episode and it is called "Meanwhile" and we liked it. Fry and Leela finally get some quality time together. Maybe too much time? No, no it's just the right amount of time.

Meanwhile (heh, get it?) we talk about the English language melting, Cornface dot com, marriage proposals, and y'know... feelings. Feelings about the end of the TV series we love so much.

Ben becomes time-ified spaghetti. Mike feels challenged by hot surfers.

S7E25 -Stench and Stenchibility

It stinks! Wait, what is this, a podcast where we talk about the television series, The Critic? No, sir! This is Futurama land. But it does stink because Zoidberg makes it stink. But he also finds love. Somehow. Through all the stink. It's a lot to process.

Also a B-plot involving a joke well past its prime.

Meanwhile we are talking about the hot new trend in Phoenix, Arizona that should definitely be called the Orange Joe.

This episode is brought to you by for your hand-made crochet needs.

Ben skips straight to the blood loss. Mike goes to the domed body parts Superdome.

S7E24 -Murder on the Planet Express

A Coven of Rats

We're going on the Back to the Futurama Studios corporate retreat! And we probably won't die!

Hey also the Planet Express crew is also doing a retreat. And they might just die thanks to an alien that gets loose on the ship.

We're also talking about the names for rooms where one might eliminate waste, Jesus camps, exciting sounding books you can buy right now on Amazon.

Ben watches his favorite holiday movies. Mike joins a coven of rats.

S7E23 -Game of Tones

An evil tone is going to destroy the planet why not? But that's not important, because most of this episode is hanging out in Fry's dreams. Or memories. Or dream memories. It's not totally clear, but it does mean he can't go to the Booby Tuesday's.

Ben, meanwhile, does the important business of pointing out that popcorn is a SCAM. That's the kind of thing they'd say "Hey you'll want to check out this important thing on the news tonight but we're going to wait until after sports." Also, Mike talks about sports. It's kind of his thing.

Ben is pro-rulers-at-movie-theaters. Mike is forced to also be pro-rulers-at-movie-theaters.

S7E22 -Leela and the Genestalk

We're taking a look at the CONTROVERSIAL world of GENETIC ENGINEERING and also the somehow less controversial world of being a big ball of tentacles with a face. Leela is a big ball of tentacles with a face. Fry still loves her though. Not controversial.

Meanwhile we talk an awful lot about left-handedness in cartoons and the best made up disease to have. We also contemplate the best condiment to put on a hat prior to eating it.

Ben wishes to be the friction in your genes. Mike takes a look in a book.

S7E21 -Assie Come Home

What would you do if you had... ass?

Bender can't even begin to contemplate this after he gets his ass stolen out from under him. That's pretty much all this episode is about. It's about butts. We cannot lie about it.

Ben and Mike talk about what their states are famous for and the scale of sexy vs. scary in Halloween costumes. And good sports team colors. It's another day at the Back to the Futurama factory.

Ben eats Rocky Mountain oysters. Mike hails from a commonwealth.

S7E20 -Calculon 2.0

Have you ever brought technology back from the dead? (If so, drink!) Since Calculon is dead that's exactly what the Planet Express crew decides to do. Let's mess with ghosts and spirits and corpses. Also, Calculon is bad at acting as it turns out.

Meanwhile, we savor the senioritis of the final run of this podcast. Stay Sassy. Love You Like A Brother. I wrote in your crack.

Ben does magic with electricity. Mike opens a cursed tomb.

S7E19 -Saturday Morning Fun Pit

What's the best part of Saturday morning? Watching cartoons, of course. So this is a podcast about a cartoon watching cartoons. If that's not meta enough for you, get the heck out of here. It's a Scooby-Doo ripoff and a Smurfs ripoff and a G.I. Joe ripoff all in one!

We also talk an awful lot about cereal in this one. Also a chicken that should not be eaten. And too much breakfast to be eaten.

Ben eats some bacons. Mike forms a breakfast factory union.

The Inhuman Torch

Let's say you get accused of being a serial arsonist instead of an incredible hero. What do you do? How do you clear your name? That's the challenge Bender has to face.

Meanwhile, we have to deal with challenges of our own, like the Game of Life and... uh... arson I guess. And our inability to play as Bender in Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. Or where to store a baby while trying to eat two different festival foods. Life is hard.

Ben turns into Red Forman. Mike opens an account at a vampire bank.

Fry and Leela's Big Fling

This episode would make for great listening in the coital-adjacent times in your secluded couple's retreat. Unless SHAWN shows up with his saxophone. Also you may or may not be in a zoo. That's... basically the entire plot to this episode. Be prepared for jazz noodling.

We spend the rest of the episode getting dunked on in a live chat and talking about baboon butts. Thanks to Matt and Laura for being patreon supporters and also dunking on us and sending us a lot of baboon butt pictures while we recorded this audio programme.

Ben builds a desk chair. Mike has an after dinner mint.

Ben & Mike