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The Inhuman Torch

Let's say you get accused of being a serial arsonist instead of an incredible hero. What do you do? How do you clear your name? That's the challenge Bender has to face.

Meanwhile, we have to deal with challenges of our own, like the Game of Life and... uh... arson I guess. And our inability to play as Bender in Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. Or where to store a baby while trying to eat two different festival foods. Life is hard.

Ben turns into Red Forman. Mike opens an account at a vampire bank.

Fry and Leela's Big Fling

This episode would make for great listening in the coital-adjacent times in your secluded couple's retreat. Unless SHAWN shows up with his saxophone. Also you may or may not be in a zoo. That's... basically the entire plot to this episode. Be prepared for jazz noodling.

We spend the rest of the episode getting dunked on in a live chat and talking about baboon butts. Thanks to Matt and Laura for being patreon supporters and also dunking on us and sending us a lot of baboon butt pictures while we recorded this audio programme.

Ben builds a desk chair. Mike has an after dinner mint.

T.: The Terrestrial

When Fry gets stranded on a strange planet full of the dankest lettuce, he of course befriends a child and eats turds. None of that is a typo. Buckle up.

Meanwhile, we talk about Mike's strangest fears and one of Ben's favorite video games and take an interesting look at the age old theory that men are from a different planet and women are from yet another different planet.

Ben orders a clone from Amazon Prime. Mike considers pooping outside.

2-D Blacktop

The professor joins a street racing gang, Leela gets a minivan, there's a 2-D world. There's a lot going on here. Let's try to unpack it all, which will be easier to do in a 2-D space! Or... harder? I'm not sure how it works.

Meanwhile we talk about Osmosis Jones for some reason and Die Hard for some reason and Speed Buggy... but there's a reason we talk about Speed Buggy. There's a lot going on on our end, too.

Ben does serious Speed Buggy research. Mike experiences osmosis with interesting results.

Forty Percent Leadbelly

How does folk music get made? Is it 3D printed? You can 3D print anything these days, right? Anyways, Bender tries to 3D print some folk. I think that's the point of this episode.

Ben makes a Wikipedia edit. Mike makes a Hamilton edit.


This one is a weird one as we see what it would be like if the PlanEx crew were all... uh... salmon and turtles and seals. You read that right.

Ben has seen pornos that start this way. Mike changes his punctuation to 14 point.

Viva Mars Vegas

Everybody put on your heisting caps, because we're going on a heist! The crew needs to steal 8 million dollars and a mysterious box from the robot mafia's casino. We promise this will be an exciting heist and not one of those BORING heists.

Obviously, Ben and Mike are busy heisting, too, and they're going to heist the coolest thing to steal ever: ooze. Come with us ont his journey in Ooze Heist: Heist the Ooze.

Ben puts $20 on 5. Mike makes demands of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

31st Century Fox

The crew's new uniforms are ruined! But Bender doesn't care; he just takes up an exciting new hobby of hunting and brutally murdering foxes. THIS WILL BE FINE. The crew attempts to thwart his new hobby, anyway.

Meanwhile, we talk about, uh... strip clubs? And also we talk about how to design amazing uniforms for when you're not stripping.

Ben makes a last minute alteration. Mike watches a movie.

Near-Death Wish

The professor's parents come back. As you might expect, they are extremely old. Also, the professor hates them for some reason, so we'll all have to dig into that.

We also say some jazz about podcast awards and Greg the Bunny. Do you remember that show? Seth Green, please tweet @backtofuturama and let's start a Greg the Bunny podcast. Billy Crystal may or may not be involved. We maybe drag J.K. Rowling a bit?

Ben is four times faster than USB-C. Mike gets retconned.

Free Will Hunting

Let's Go Down the Wasp Road

Robots are just a jumbled pile of programming that do whatever the heck their programming tells them to. That include Bender, the lovable rascal! But what if Bender wanted to get free will? That's what we explore in this episode that is definitely not talking about Good Will Hunting. That's a different thing.

Ben starts an improv school. Mike goes into debt.

Ben & Mike