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The Prisoner of Benda

A Clockwork Origin

Let's talk a little bit about differences of opinion between science and creationism. And by that I definitely mean "here's a lot of information about Ask Jeeves.

Oh right, so the Professor flies off to an asteroid and accidentally creates robo-life. Zoidberg attempts to be the best dang father he can be.

Ben gets in legal trouble again. Mike eats a baseball glove.

That Darn Katz!

Doctorate Denied.

Amy is finally defending her thesis to get her doctorate, but gets denied thanks to a cat. Then the cat causes a lot more mayhem. Turns out they have some nefarious schemes, who knew?

Also we talk an awful lot about our own cats including an amusing story about a cat butthole! We know that's what you subscribe for. But we're not just talking about cats; we've also got the latest in Law & Order and Aquaman may or may not be involved.

Ben creates an artistic cat movie. Mike is looking for some witch's bwew.

The Late Philip J. Fry

Fry has more time travel shenanigans when he ends up stuck in the future. Leela assumes he's dead and gets really mad about it. Also Bender is there, so you know it's gonna be fun on a bun.

As is our usual style, Ben gets awfully stuck on a thing not at all related to Futurama. In this case, it's pulling on the pull-em and pushing on the push-em and the pickls go into the jar. Mike tries to stop it but is unsuccessful.

Ben gets fired from the pickle factory. Mike provides hambone context.

Lethal Inspection

The 100th Episode!

We're back for episode number 100! We're excited to be here. So excited, that we mostly talk about The Rock in this episode.

But meanwhile, Bender has to come to terms with his own mortality, and he does that by trying to get revenge. Yes, it's a rare Bender and Hermes joint adventure. Also, Leela gets into some trouble.

Let us know what your Darth name would be and if you want to join The Rock's new team.

Ben learns some information about Winamp. Mike reads "World's Bravest Hamsters."

The Duh-Vinci Code

There's a mystery afoot! Secret plans for a secret device by Leonard da Vinci himself is discovered, and so it's of to Future-Roma to figure it all out!

Also, we try to come up with a new slogan for Back to the Futurama and accidentally start another podcast. How many does that make for us now? Holy wow. We have a lot of fake podcasts.

Don't forget to check out the new fan group! It's at

Ben would do anything for love. Mike won't do that.

Proposition Infinity

We're back with more timely shows! This one is about /checks notes/ Proposition 8! But the 8 is flipped on its side so it's different.

Bender and Amy do some hanky panky and want to get married. Hermes gets a virus. The professor pickles some weather.

We also find more Jeremeys (or Jeremies?). We talk about the MOST ANNOYING RINGTONE THAT EVER EXISTED. There's... other stuff probably. It is late and I need to go to bed. Who remembers what this episode is about?

Ben makes a political attack ad. Mike wants more circusitis but his hopes... deleted.

Attack of the Killer App

We're back with the latest in eyePhone technology! Come along with us as we twit our twupdates and sing songs from Les Mis.

We also talk way too much about toilets. Way too much. And toilet humor. Sorry. And goat vomit. Also sorry. And butt boils. Sorry again. Look this episode is not as gross as it sounds.

Ben resists talking about the Sims. Mike starts a Catdog podcast.


Will it Blend?

This episode didn't go down smooth so we put it in a blender and then accidentally left the blender on for too long!

Anyway, unsurprisingly we are not a fan of this episode of Futurama and therefore this episode of the podcast gets very weird. We're sorry! Unless you like in which case <zoidberg-voice>then it was all on purpose!</zoidberg-voice>

Zapp and Leela get stuck on a planet and Earth also explodes probably.

Ben invents invisible jet fanfiction. Mike is Tuba Neutral.


WOO HOO! FUTURAMA IS BACK! Do you remember the joy that came along with Futurama's triumphant return? Does it hold up after oh so many years away?

The crew comes back except for Leela who is dead and that makes Fry sad. Bender is loaded up with many gigawatts of energy and needs to strut his stuff.

Meanwhile, you are treated to a great(?) story about Ben's car and we come up with the greatest new TV show Fox never canceled, which has nothing to do with Ben's car.

Ben does some DeLorean math. Mike explains dogs.

Season 5 Break - Disenchantment

For our season break we are talking about the brand new Matt Groening show, Disenchantment! We watched the first episode and we talk about what we like and what we don't, and what we are looking forward to in future episodes.

Also, apologies for extra echo in this week's episode. The studio got re-arranged and there's an awful lot of echo. We'll work on it.

Ben gets butterflies in his stomach. Mike is too humble for compliments.

Ben & Mike