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Cold Warriors

All the Presidents' Heads

When you go back in time to beat up your ancestor, you have to do it carefully unless you want to end up using the metric system! [spooky music plays]. That's just what Professor Farnsworth does in order to save his family name.

Other talking points are... shark jumping and also a lot of time travel philosophy. You might also accidentally learn something about history in this episode! It's edutainment!

Ben becomes a philosophy professor. Mike becomes Dilbert.

Music at the end of the episode is "Super Sunday" and used with permission. "Super Sunday" is provided by

Fry Am The Egg Man

Fry sits on an egg and falls in love with it. A natural reaction. Then it turns out that it is a vicious monster with an attack of type J! Then hilarity ensues...?

Meanwhile we discuss what our Scooby-Doo schemes would be if we were to do some Scooby-Doo schemes.

Ben tells a tale of sauce packets. Mike falls in love with a chair.

Music at the end of the episode is "Super Sunday" and used with permission. "Super Sunday" is provided by

Yo Leela Leela

We're talking about yet another TV show inside the TV show on this podcast where we talk about TV shows! Leela decides to get in on the great racket of selling drivel to kids, and gets results! Bender also becomes a tugboat and we can't stress that enough.

Meanwhile, we talk about Doug and Legends of the Hidden Temple and possible causes for March Madness AND March Sadness.

Ben gets an archaeology degree. Mike gets a sext grading rubric.

Music at the end of the episode is "Super Sunday" and used with permission. "Super Sunday" is provided by


Guess what? We have nothing nice to say about this one. Hashtag spoilers. We hope you enjoy anyway. And we want you to know that we love you no matter who you are.

Ben gives you icebreaking tips. Mike jumps 70 feet into the air.

Ghost in the Machines

Bad news, everybody! Bender is dead. And on top of that, he's haunting Fry with intent to kill. We also ask important questions about the future like "what's with the pineapple vending machine?" and "what was Leela's wrist thingy called again?"

Speaking of death, we contemplate the death of Flash. Some say it's about time, and that includes both of us.

Ben drives a delivery hearse. Mike wants pineapples wants pineapples for cheap.

Music at the end of the episode is "Super Sunday" and used with permission. "Super Sunday" is provided by

The Tip of the Zoidberg

An ancient pact sealed long ago, in the ancient era of... 2927, means that Zoidberg must do the unthinkable. But will he be able to do it?

Meanwhile, the Planet Express crew builds a giant murder machine.

Other talking points are the worst role play ever and also pizza. An awful lot of pizza.

Ben starts a newspaper. Mike reveals secrets about the forever pizza.


My God! It's full of Benders!

We're inundated with Benders on today's episode. In fact, the Planet Express crew is also inundated with Benders. The whole wolrd is inundated with Benders! Bender seems fine with it.

Other suggested talking points are meat cakes and... uh... butt marbles? Look, this episode goes some unexpected places, so we want to give you a warning ahead of time.

Ben checks Zoidberg's Pinterest. Mike has a lot of questions.

Law and Oracle

We're going to the police academy! No, don't worry, we didn't say we're going to watch the movie Police Academy. Fry decides he needs a career change and become a TIME COP. Meanwhile, Bender tries to heist something, so the status is quo.

Other talking points in this episode are... uh... genitals. And great (horror) movies to watch on Valentine's Day! This episode was maybe a mistake.

Ben becomes Michael Winslow 2.0. Mike marries some parakeets for the inheritance.

Mobius Dick

What is obsession? Is it making sure the job gets done? Is it hunting proverbial white whales? Is it hunting actual for real white whales who are also in space and traverse 4 dimensions? Leela finds out on this episode, and that means you do, too!

We also talk about doing things backwards, kinda. We also discuss the best flavor of grief popsicles. And of course, we always knew what a "widow's walk" was! ALWAYS.

Ben becomes a macho man. Mike becomes a sexy forklift.

The Silence of the Clamps

What would you do if you witnessed the worst clamping that ever clamped? Would you hide on a moon or in a pizza place? And what if if was actually your friend who witnessed the clamping? You'd probably be sad. Luckly you made a new friend (who has some clamps) to pass the time.

Also, Ben and Mike discuss Malcom in the Middle and cake and meatballs (not together! ew!) and the Food Network. And I guess this episode.

Ben makes contentious cake choices. Mike possibly married a robot.

Ben & Mike