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Zapp Dingbat

a year ago

What happens when your mom starts dating your ex? Also, it wasn't your ex, it was just some dude you had sex with a few times? And also, they end up getting engaged? Well, if you can't imagine what you'd do, let's take a look at what Leela does.

Meanwhile, Fry and Bender surf in the sewers with Leela's dad. Cowabunga, dude!

We also talk about what the best sewers to surf in would be, and Detective Pikachu (again) and expectations for the new Sonic movie (or Sanic movie?), and we spend way too much time talking about The Borax Kid. We also come up with a plan that is definitely not a scam.

Ben uses the word "scam." Mike makes a statement to the jury.

Ben & Mike